The quest for sustainable practices in various industries has never been as urgent as it is today, and the global shipping industry is no exception. As a contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, it faces the essential task of transforming its operations towards more eco-friendly and efficient alternatives.

How the Global Shipping Industry Affects Climate Change

Bulk Vessel alongside at thailand port and loading bulk cargo by shiploader.

The environmental impact of shipping is substantial, contributing around 3% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions. Emissions from ships are primarily composed of sulfur and nitrogen compounds, contributing to air pollution, acid rain, and health issues. Climate change, sea-level rise, and ocean acidification are some of the far-reaching effects that these emissions can cause.


Frese's FUELSAVE®: A Sustainable Answer

In response to the urgent need to curb emissions, Frese, a global leader in the production and supply of innovative, energy-efficient components for the HVAC industry, introduced FUELSAVE®. FUELSAVE® is an innovative solution aimed at optimizing fuel consumption and reducing carbon emissions in the shipping industry.

History of FUELSAVE®

Aerial side view of cargo ship carrying container and running for export goods from cargo yard port to custom ocean concept technology transportation , customs clearance.Launched in 2022 at the SMM, the leading international maritime trade fair, FUELSAVE® has been hailed as a ground-breaking solution.

Its prototype generated significant interest, marking a substantial step towards sustainable marine operations.

Frese’s Call to Action to Fight Climate Change

Frese understands the importance of taking immediate action to fight climate change. With FUELSAVE®, the company is inviting the shipping industry to join in its mission to reduce carbon emissions and create a sustainable future.

What FUELSAVE® is and How it Saves Energy Onboard

FUELSAVE® is a system designed to reduce energy consumption on board ships. It works by optimizing the operation of the ship’s main engine and other onboard systems, thereby reducing fuel consumption and associated emissions.

Impact of FUELSAVE® on Different Types of Ships

The FUELSAVE® system can be installed on different types of vessels, including bulk carriers, container ships, and tankers, making it a versatile solution. It has shown positive results in various sea trials, confirming its effectiveness in different operational scenarios.

Benefits of FUELSAVE®

FUELSAVE® offers a myriad of benefits. By optimizing fuel consumption, it not only reduces operational costs but also contributes to lowering harmful emissions, thus achieving higher efficiency and promoting sustainability. This initiative aligns with the global push towards zero-emission targets in the shipping industry.



Embrace the change and join Frese’s mission towards sustainable marine operations. Browse our extensive collection of Frese products, and contact a marine specialist today!