Consistently Deliver Your Cargo On Time Using the Highest Quality Parts

On a dry bulk carrier, every shipment is precious. Your customers are counting on you to consistently deliver a large quantity of goods across seas and oceans. You have systems and processes in place to keep your supply chain running smoothly. But, if a pipe or valve on one of your carriers malfunctions, it could cause a massive ripple effect across your whole business. This is why you need the highest quality parts available and a supplier you can trust.

The Dry Bulk Industry’s Most Trusted

For over 50 years, the dry bulk industry has counted on World Wide Metric to deliver a wide range of the highest quality marine parts on the market, including:

  • Metric JIS and DIN valves and flanges
  • ANSI valves and flanges
  • Metric and SAE Hydraulic fittings and tubing
  • Hose fittings
  • Threaded pipe fittings NPT and BSP
  • Pipe couplings (Grip and Flex)
  • Repair clamps
  • Expansion joints
  • Press fitting and Drain Systems
  • Marine Firestop
  • Marine protective tape


Express Delivery

No matter where you’re located, we’ll get your products to you FAST. Our inventory is supplied via four facilities strategically placed across the US, with our corporate headquarters in Branchburg, NJ.


We Support Domestic & Foreign-Made Vessels

What sets World Wide Metric apart from other suppliers is that we have supplied the highest quality metric and ANSI products for every kind of dry bulk vessel. Whether it’s a foreign-made ship or made right here in America, we have the parts to keep it running optimally at all times.


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