Wind turbines, a cornerstone of renewable energy, have become increasingly prevalent in our energy landscape. These towering structures harness the power of the wind, converting it into electricity that powers our homes, businesses, and cities. However, the operation of wind turbines is not as simple as it may seem. One of the critical components of these machines is their hydraulic systems, which play a vital role in their functionality and efficiency.



Common Issues with Wind Turbines

Despite the significant benefits of wind energy, the industry faces several challenges, particularly concerning wind turbine maintenance and operation. According to a study by ONYX InSight, a renewable technology and software company, 80% of the energy lost by wind turbines is caused by just ten common problems, one of which is issues with the hydraulic system. These issues can lead to downtime, resulting in lost potential energy production.



Wind Turbine Hydraulic Systems

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Hydraulic systems in wind turbines are crucial for various functions, including brake control, blade rotation regulation, and blade pitching for optimal wind speed capture. These systems consist of hydraulic hoses and hose assemblies that create a hydraulic drivetrain with a rotor and blades.

In larger turbines, hydraulic systems are preferred over electric systems for pitching blades, especially for turbines over 3 MW. This is because hydraulic systems provide a shorter stopping time, a wider temperature operating range, and are backlash-free.



World Wide Metric for Wind Turbines

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Understanding the hydraulic systems of wind turbines is crucial for addressing the common issues faced by the industry. With the right parts and a reliable supplier like World Wide Metric, you can ensure the smooth operation of your wind turbines, contributing to a more sustainable future.

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