In the world of fluid control and component solutions, Frese stands as a leading provider. With over 75 years of experience, Frese has been delivering innovative solutions, including the remarkable Delta T Control System. This system is designed to measure, monitor, and optimize the ΔT (temperature difference) between the inlet and outlet of a terminal unit, thereby increasing system efficiency and reducing pump energy.



What is the Delta T Solution?

The Frese Delta T Control System is an easy-to-use solution that plays a crucial role in both heating and cooling systems. It optimizes the inlet and outlet temperature difference of a fan coil unit or air handling unit. The system measures and monitors the actual ΔT of the coil. If the ΔT is equal to or higher than the ΔT set point, the system will not change the input signal to the actuator, and the flow will be according to the Building Management System (BMS) input signal.

Delta T Controller

The Delta T Controller is the heart of the system. It features easy-to-use buttons for setting the optimum ΔT set point and automatically detects whether the Control System is installed in a heating or cooling system. The controller is designed to ensure that the actual ΔT will never be lower than the ΔT set point.



Components: Optima Compact and Sigma Compact

Frese’s product range includes the Optima Compact and Sigma Compact, which are integral parts of the Delta T Control System. These components are designed to provide optimal efficiency for chillers and boilers.

Energy Efficiency and Substantial Savings

One of the significant benefits of the Frese Delta T Control System is energy saving through the control of ΔT in the system. By reducing the required flow to achieve the system ΔT, additional flow capacity can be released, leading to optimal efficiency for chillers and boilers. This results in substantial energy savings and increased system efficiency.

The Frese Delta T Control System is a testament to Frese’s commitment to innovation and energy efficiency. By understanding how this system works, you can leverage its benefits to optimize your operations and achieve significant energy savings.


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