Reflections from the WorkBoat Show 2023

By George Contos, CEO, World Wide Metric
In the ever-evolving landscape of the maritime industry, the WorkBoat Show 2023 stood as a pivotal moment, marking a clear shift towards sustainability and efficiency.
Attending this event was not just an opportunity to exhibit our products, but also to immerse myself in the industry’s latest trends and innovations.



The Essence of the Show: A Convergence of Vision and Innovation


Walking through the bustling aisles of the show, I was struck by the palpable energy of innovation and the shared vision for a sustainable future.

Each booth and presentation echoed a collective commitment to environmental stewardship and technological advancement. It wasn’t just about the next big product; it was about shaping a responsible maritime future.


The sessions, such as Powering the Waves: Chartering a Course for Electrification in Marine Technologies</strong > provided deep insights into the industry’s trajectory towards cleaner energy sources.
The discussions went beyond surface-level observations, delving into the challenges and opportunities of electrification in marine technologies. Seeing how companies are tackling these challenges head-on with innovative solutions was a profound learning experience.




World Wide Metric's Presence:
A Testament to Collaboration and Innovation


As a proud exhibitor, World Wide Metric’s presence at the show was more than just showcasing our products. It was about engaging in meaningful conversations, understanding the needs of the industry, and exploring collaborative opportunities.

Our booth became a hub for discussion, where ideas were exchanged and new relationships were forged. We were not just participants; we were active contributors to the industry’s collective journey towards a greener future.

A Focus on Education and Empowerment in 2024


Looking ahead, World Wide Metric’s focus for 2024 is firmly on education and empowerment. We believe that the path to sustainability is paved with knowledge and understanding.

Our goal is to provide our clients and the industry with comprehensive educational resources, shedding light on the importance and implementation of sustainable practices.

We aim to demystify complex technologies and make them accessible and understandable, empowering our clients to make informed decisions




Highlighting Sustainable Solutions: The Case of FUELSAVE® from Frese


 To that initiative, one of the most exciting offerings we have is FUELSAVE® from Frese – a revolutionary technology that optimizes fuel consumption.

This product is more than just a tool for efficiency; it represents a significant step toward reducing the environmental impact of maritime and industrial fluid control operations.

In our detailed blog post on FUELSAVE®, we delve into the intricacies of how it works and the substantial benefits it brings to our clients. This solution embodies our commitment to providing cutting-edge, sustainable technologies to the maritime industry.


Together, we are not just navigating towards a sustainable future.


We are actively creating it.

Keeping the World Flowing.


A New Way of Exhibiting


We took a collaborative approach to WBS 2023 by inviting some of our premier vendors to the show. Each corner of our island had representation from Frese, </span >Wencon, RM, and Wouter Witzel, who had the opportunity to educate and showcase products to our visitors directly. System integration-based conversations filled the booth. Click the kiosks below to learn more about each vendor.



Charting a Course for a Greener Maritime Industry


As we reflect on the insights and experiences from the WorkBoat Show 2023 and look forward to this year’s event, it is clear that the maritime industry is on an exciting trajectory towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

At World Wide Metric, we are proud to be at the forefront of this transformation, contributing through our products, educational efforts, and commitment to innovation.