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My name is George Contos. I’m CEO of World Wide Metric and our company was founded in 1970. World Wide Metric is a global supplier to the maritime and industrial markets serving customers like cruise lines, offshore commercial markets to the industrial markets of the automotive and industrial suppliers in the US, North America, and exporting around the world. World Wide Metric offers a range of pipes, valves, and fittings specializing in metric, we have valves and automation, piping systems, hydraulic systems as well. And what makes us unique is the fact that the components are metric inserting a metric need in this country which is predominantly of a different classification because of the imports and the industrial markets from around the world. A lot of companies sell a lot of the similar products around the world. And I think it’s our people that make the difference. They’re in the trenches every day making it happen. And they work very hard and they’re very dedicated and driven. And we like to think that the differentiating factor that we do every day is that we do it better than everybody else does it’s just because of our people. We continue to grow from a learning perspective that puts us in a place where there’s no one that competes with us with that level of understanding of our products and our services. Our clients don’t want our product, they need our product. For them, it’s because the system is down, something broke, something’s not working properly. So they need a valve of fitting and some sort of component that keeps production rolling, keeps the vessel moving forward and without it, they can’t get the job done. Our ability to fill that need is what drives us every day because we know we’re really helping somebody because no one’s getting it them as fast as they need it. We’re still working on yesterday deliveries, so for now, they have to suffice with today because we stock the product routinely for them, we are faster in response, faster in delivery faster than anybody else can get it done. And we do it with a friendly, fun environment. And that’s really what makes us different than everybody else, I think.

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“We thought it couldn't get any better working with World Wide Metric's staff and they are incredibly fast turnaround. With the new internal systems they put in place we now not only see what we have on order but can project for future budgets"
– Major European Cruise Line

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