For a Constant Improvement

For over 4 decades, Cast S.p.A. has been engaging in intensive research for manufacturing top-quality hydraulic fittings, including a variety of DIN 2353, SAE J514, BSI 5200, ORFS SAE J1453, and hose fittings. These fittings are expertly designed to be reliable, durable and effective for a long service life. Cast S.p.A. puts innovation, research, and technical know-how on the forefront of their development. This is best exemplified in their company slogan, “For a Constant Improvement.” Cast S.p.A. continues to push forwards to meet future challenges head-on with new initiatives and developments.

World Wide Metric is proud to be a distributor of Cast S.p.A. products.

We invite you to view the Cast S.p.A. products we offer or contact us directly to determine the right product to meet your needs.