Charting a New Course Toward Innovation: Embracing Sustainability in the Maritime Industry

Reflections from the WorkBoat Show 2023 By George Contos, CEO, World Wide Metric In the ever-evolving landscape of the maritime industry, the WorkBoat Show 2023...


Frese OMEGA Compact 3-way Valve Series

OMEGA Compact 3-way Rotary Control ValveCompact SolutionEasy on-site service and maintenanceLow Pressure DropZero LeakageLow Pressure Drop & Zero Leakage 30-50%...


Metric vs. BSP Threads: A Deep Dive for Flow Control Engineers

Precision and compatibility are critical when it comes to threading. Thus, industries like manufacturing, piping, and engineering must understand the differences...


FUELSAVE from Frese - Fuel Consumption Optimization

The quest for sustainable practices in various industries has never been as urgent as it is today, and the global shipping industry is no exception.


Fire Prevention in the Maritime Industry

Safety is always the top priority in the marine business, where huge stretches of water meet the unrelenting pressures of international trade. Mariners confront Fire...


Choosing the Right Corrosion-Resistant Flanges for Marine Environments

Corrosion is a major problem in the marine industry. It can cause equipment to fail, leading to costly repairs or even accidents. There are many different types of corrosion...


Understanding Wind Turbine Hydraulic System

Wind turbines, a cornerstone of renewable energy, have become increasingly prevalent in our energy landscape. These towering structures harness the power of the wind, converting...


Frese Delta T Solution

In the world of fluid control and component solutions, Frese stands as a leading provider. With over 75 years of experience, Frese has been delivering...


Exploring Advanced Tubing Materials for Extreme Maritime Conditions

Different commercially available materials (e.g., Marlow™, Stainless Steel) are often used to fabricate basic or complex tubing to...


The Rapid Repair Clamp

What Is the Rapid Repair Clamp? For any industry that is involved in the movement of fluids or liquid gases under pressure, having a backup...


The Basics Behind Copper Solder Fittings

What Are Copper Solder Fittings? Copper solder fittings are a resilient and reliable solution for your copper pipe fitting system in all types of installations.


Understanding Storm Valves

What Is A Storm Valve? Storm valves can be found in everyday marine systems. Normally, they are situated in sanitary piping systems that have a ship-side exit.


Hydraulic Fluids Overview

Hydraulic fluid is the medium that transfers energy in all hydraulic systems. Although this seems like a simple enough concept, the job of hydraulic fluid...