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Accuracy, dependability, and efficacy are essential in maritime engineering.

omega compact dn150 ex actuator
These characteristics keep vessels and their systems running smoothly, even in extreme environments.

New ideas and advanced technologies are essential to making this happen. Frese’s OMEGA Compact 3-way Valve Series is a game-changing breakthrough and it was recently granted marine-type approval.

About the OMEGA Compact 3-Way Valve Compact Design

The OMEGA Compact Valve Series is characterized by a space-saving design from careful engineering. This quality becomes invaluable in the marine realm, where space is premium. It optimizes the use of limited space aboard ships without sacrificing its practicality.

Shipyards may now make the most of limited space without sacrificing safety because of the small size of these valves.

Usage for Flow Regulation

These valves are not only small in size but also very adaptable. Their principal purpose, crucial to many ship systems, is flow regulation. The OMEGA Compact Valve Series is unparalleled in precisely redirecting or combining fluid flows. It ensures precise command and fine-tuning of water-based systems, essential for the trouble-free performance of a ship’s life-support systems.

Provides Maximum Operational Efficiency and Reliability

The maritime industry places a premium on effectiveness and dependability. The OMEGA Compact Valve Series from Frese satisfies and exceeds these criteria. Extensive testing in various environments has confirmed its reliability, making it a go-to option for maritime, industrial, and district heating systems. These valves are essential to a ship’s operation, allowing for consistent high performance even under extreme conditions.

DNV-GL Type Approval

Securing type approval from DNV-GL is a prestigious accomplishment in the maritime industry. It signifies that the product has met the rigorous safety, performance, and reliability standards set by this renowned classification society. Frese’s dedication to engineering excellence and its commitment to delivering superior maritime solutions are evident in the company’s recent achievement of receiving the DNV-GL marine-type approval for the OMEGA Compact Valve Series.

DNV Rules

It is essential to delve into the tough conditions given out by organizations like DNV (Det Norske Veritas) in the “Rules for Classification of Ships,” effective July 2021, to grasp the significance of this certification. These regulations spell out in great detail the standards that valves and other maritime equipment must meet to ensure the safety and dependability of ships at sea. Changes also include conformity with external norms and standards, such as the IACS uniform requirements and IMO rules. The main class, ship type, supplementary class, and survey requirements have also been revised.

Frese’s OMEGA Compact Valve Series conforms faultlessly to these stringent rules, enhancing the company’s reputation and prestige in the maritime sector. By maintaining this consistency, the series demonstrates its dedication to excellence and guarantees that its ships will always perform reliably and safely at sea.

Benefits of the Omega Compact Valve


Reliable and Safe, Proven by Extensive Testing Processes

Trustworthiness and security are paramount in the maritime industry. Frese is aware of this, and their dedication to perfection is demonstrated by their stringent quality assurance procedures. The OMEGA Compact Valve Series is tested extensively to ensure reliability in harsh marine conditions. The faultless operation of these valves in all-weather situations ensures the safety of ships and their crews.

Maintains Water-Based Systems’ Operating Efficiency and Reliability

Everything from keeping passengers comfortable to running the ship’s engines relies on water-based technologies. The OMEGA Compact Valve Series really shines when it comes to improving the efficiency of such vital systems. These valves provide more convenience and substantial financial savings by minimizing energy waste and guaranteeing reliable operation. The industry is becoming increasingly concerned with environmental impact, and their effective operation positively affects the environment.


Simple, Accurate, and Reliable Flow Regulation

Controlling the flow of materials is crucial to the health of a ship’s infrastructure. The valves from Frese’s series make light work of a tricky job. These valves guarantee precise control because of their high accuracy and dependability. The OMEGA Compact Valve Series plays a crucial role in the vessel’s efficiency by allowing smooth and efficient water distribution to various areas and mixing various streams. Frese’s valves are at the forefront of providing this capability to the marine industry, which is essential for attaining operational excellence at sea through reliable and precise flow management.


Frese’s OMEGA Compact 3-way Valve Series is the cutting-edge technology the rapidly developing maritime sector needs to keep moving forward. The product’s reliability and conformity to industry standards have been validated by its receipt of maritime-type approval certification, which is a challenging achievement. These valves are becoming increasingly important as ships push boundaries and explore new vistas.