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Copper Nickel


WWM overview pdf
(PDF - 630KB)

World Wide Metric Inc. serves the marine, fluid power, and industrial markets worldwide through the wholesale distribution of valves, fittings, tubing, flanges, couplings and expansion joints.


WWM Brochure
(PDF - 10.3MB)

World Wide Metric has linked the east and the west by consolidating the supply of Japanese, European and American Marine and Industrial Valves, Fittings, Tubing, and Flanges.


DIN catalog pdf
(PDF - 3MB)

WWM DIN catalog contains technical drawings and data for a full range of Gates, Globes, Angles, Firehose, Pressure reducing, Relief, Safety, Overboard discharge, Cargo valves, Ball, Checks, Storm, Butterfly valves and Flanges. Available with Loyds and ABS Approvals and Certifications.


JIS Catalog pdf
(PDF - 2MB)

WWM JIS catalog contains technical drawings and data for a full range of marine bronze, iron, steel valves and flanges. Including globes, angles, gates, checks, firehose, pressure reducing, relief, safety, overboard discharge, cargo valves, ball, and storm valves.


ANSI pdf
(PDF - 976KB)

WWM ANSI catalog contains technical drawings and data for a full range of Marine Bronze Globe, Angle, Gate (Rising Stem and O S & Y), Check and Fires Hose Valves. Lloyds and ABS approvals and class certificates available upon request.


TOMOE 700S pdf
(PDF - 2MB)

World Wide Metric offers our premier line of TOMOE Butterfly valves. The 700S series has been authorized for application to marine services by all the major marine classification societies of the world. Seat kits also available.


TOMOE 720F pdf
(PDF - 2MB)

TOMOE 720F series. Cast Steel Butterfly Valve with double flanged body for marine Use. The 720F is also approved by the major classification societies of the world. Seat kits also available.


700 704 705g pdf
(PDF - 1.77MB)

TOMOE 700G series. This valve is a superior pressure proof general purpose valve designed to satisfy many international flange standards, which can be used worldwide. Seat kits also available.


773z pdf
(PDF - 540KB)

The newest member of the TOMOE family in the 702Z series. This super light aluminum diecast body butterfly valve is a favorite among yacht and super yacht owners. Seat kits also available.


Wouter Wietzel pdf
(PDF - 3MB)

Wouter Witzel Butterfly valves include wafer, semi-lug, full lug, mono flanged, double flanged and duo-check. DIN, JIS and ANSI standards with type approvals from ABS.


Actuators ENG pdf
(PDF - 11MB)

Wouter Witzel Actuators are available in pneumatic, electric and hydraulic. This catalog offers technical documentation on each. TPN actuator replacement parts available.


Dynaxe EN
(PDF - 811KB)

Wouter Witzel Dynaxe double eccontric high performance butterfly valves.


leser pdf
(PDF - 2MB)

Leser Safety Valves offers a comprehensive range of Full Lift Safety, Relief, Safety Relief, and Pressure Reducing Valves. Threaded and flanged connections.


Artesian Catalog
(PDF - 5MB)

Artesion Butterfly valves offers a quality range of wafer, lug and flanged butterfly valves to various standards and application.

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Quick reference flange chart
(PDF - 19KB)

Our quick reference flange chart compares flange dimensions across ANSI, DIN and JIS standards that varify performance class and sizes.


Flanges and their joints
(PDF - 2MB)

Flanges and their joints

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Fluid power pdf
(PDF - 413KB)

World Wide Metric offers CAST S.P.A. hydraulic fittings and hose metric DIN standard tubes, fittings, copper tubes, BSP adaptors and conversion adaptors.


Cast General Catalog
(PDF - 4.7MB)

CAST S.p.A. hydraulic fittings and adaptors including DIN2353 metric, SAE J514 37° flared and BSI 5200 series fittings in steel and stainless steel. In addition,  CAST S.p.A. hose and hose fittings include DIN 2353 metric, SAE J514 37° flared, BSP600, ORFS SAE J1453, flange 61+62.
Hoses include 50E 100 RIAT, R2AT RI6, 4SP, 4SH, R7, and R7TM.


Cast b4 tech info pdf
(PDF - 727KB)

The newest innovation to hit North America. The CAST B4 offers the standard DIN 2353 double cutting edge ring with three metal to metal seals as well as three additional elastomeric seals to avoid any type of leakage.


notiz newslet pdf
(PDF - 4MB)

CAST Technical Newsletter is a technical tool linking the manufacturer, distributor and the end user. Including the latest technical innovations and assembly instructions.


Frabo Copper Solder Fittings
(PDF - 6MB)

Frabo Copper Solder Fittings

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Pages from WWM
(PDF - 3MB)

A revolution in pipe coupling for new installation and repair of holed parts. Products include repair clamps, flex and metal grip couplings. Lloyds and ABS approved.


Steel Prod Gas SNGL pdf
(PDF - 1MB)

Dresser products for water, waste water and industrial and marine piping. couplings, flanged adaptors and expansion joints.

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Copper Nickel

Eucaro pdf
(PDF - 8.1MB)

Eucaro Metric 90/10 copper nickel and copper products. Including pipes, flanges, stub ends, elbows, tees, fittings, bars and plates.


Eucaro Offshore pdf
(PDF - 2MB)

Eucaro Metric 90/10 copper nickel products are available for the offshore market. Products include: pipes, flanges, stub ends, elbows, tees, fittings, bars and plates.

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